- The Best Answers to the Most Common Questions About Bitcoin (What is Bitcoin?)
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You may have heard false or negative information about Bitcoin from the mainstream news and media. is devoted to giving you truthful, non-sensationalist and non-media-driven answers. Here you will find informed answers, designed to truly help you understand the technology of Bitcoin and what it can do, and not in furthering an agenda or acquiring page-views by means of promoting sensationalism. provides the most relevant and helpful answers for questions that have been asked of Bitcoin.

Chances are, if you have a question about Bitcoin, it has already been answered very intelligently by someone who is qualified to do so.

These are not the same answers you will get with your typical media coverage.

Why would mainstream media misinform the public about Bitcoin?

There are two answers to that question:
  • It could be simple ignorance, as Bitcoin is a somewhat complex subject and does take some time to learn.

  • It could also be because Bitcoin threatens to disrupt and revolutionize the world's economic systems from the ground up, as one of the greatest innovations to happen to money, ever. Those parties with a vested interest (read: financial interest) in legacy banking systems also have a vested interest in holding Bitcoin down and keeping it from seeing the light of day. Since Bitcoin is decentralized and cannot be stopped outright, these individuals' best efforts consist of attempts to spreading false information, fear and doubt about this new, powerful and world-changing technology. Educate yourself. Don't listen to them. serves to accurately inform the public with facts and the truth where the media has failed to do so.

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